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Flame Nebula (Space Art) by AlizeyKhan

First off, kick ass.

I took a look through your gallery before I hit the "Critique" button, and I have to say that I think this is your best example of your "Space Art" collection. It is really neat to see how your technique improves with each painting.

I really, really like the way that the colors all flow together. You really have done a remarkable job detailing all of those nebulous clouds. (Clouds? Vapors? Stuff?) I'm going to hazard a guess that the seven layers of epoxy resin had something to do with that. Again, very cool.

The only critique that I would make for this would be the composition. After doing a quick google search, it looks like you had a reference photo for this piece. Which is actually kind of funny, because I like your artwork better than I like the original images that I found. :)
Anyway, back to the point, you stayed true to the original picture as you painted this, and you did it quite well, so kudos for that. But as a piece of visual art, I feel that it is really top heavy, and the bottom half doesn't feel like it relates that well to the top half. The bottom of the top area is a near horizontal line right across the piece, and the eye kind of falls down along with the longish wisp, and it just kind of ends there. The view ends up resetting their eyes to the dominant part of the work instead of having their eyes lead around by the work itself, do you know what I mean?
Now again, you stayed true to the original image, but I think that sometimes as artists we are allowed to bend reality a bit in order to achieve compositional harmony. With regards to this particular piece, perhaps something like having that wispy bit circle back up on the left side of the canvas so that the eye does a nice swooping loop back up to the focal point.

Anyways, despite the lack of eye-loop-swoopage, I really think this is a great piece. Like I said, your space art keeps getting more and more kick ass, so I can't help but feel that you will be rocking everyone's socks within a very short span of time. You are definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Thanks for the opportunity to critique, and have a wonderful day. :)
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